Quality Band Saws, Band Saw Blades, Drill Press and Belt Grinder.

Ellis 1600 Mitre Band Saw

Band Saws

Our most popular band saws are Models 1600 and 1800. The 1600 band saw is for general sawing and can be easily moved to different job sites. For a stationary band saw the 1800 band saw is a good option.

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Ellis Band Saw Blades

Band Saw Blades

We weld quality band saw blades for our band saws and for other band saw manufacturers.
Our General Purpose Blade is an excellent blade when cutting a variety of materials.

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Drill Press

Ellis produces the 9400 Drill Press model featuring the latest technology. Quality built machine operates with infinitely variable speed control while maintaining high torque at all speeds.

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Ellis Belt Grinder

Belt Grinder

The 6000 Belt Grinder is a heavy duty grinder with a robust design. This well rounded belt grinder features a contact wheel and a flat grinding surface. Good for multi-purpose use.

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60 degree angle cutting


Great machines, Excellent Value
I use Ellis saws, belt grinders and drill presses in my work as a motion picture special effects man and prop maker. I have worked on some of Hollywood’s biggest and most demanding films. Our Ellis machines have traveled to distant locations, worked 12 hour days and have always given us the performance we require.

The good design, ease of use and high quality make them the machines of choice for us. I highly recommend them for anyone who works metal and wants a good return for their money.

DM Burbank CA

I would like a good quality saw. I have used many different brands of saws but never an Ellis. I have had the pleasure of using one of your belt sanders and am impressed with the quality of that machine.
EP McGill, NV

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